Having a fire burning in the stove is one of the appealing features of the condo in the winter.  The wood stove burns firewood stored in the garage.  This wood is provided for the guests use.

Starting the fire:
This is a common source of frustration and is time consuming even with some experience.  Some fire-starters are provided to make this easier.  Use newspaper, paper, or cardboard to light with a match.  The real-estate listings from the supermarket burn well.  Kindling can help to get the fire started too.  Kindling is small pieces of wood split into long slender pieces.  It can also be small splinters or pieces of bark.  Once the fire is going, it is easy to keep it going with the larger pieces of wood.

Producing Heat:
Once the fire has started, you should close the doors to limit the warm air drawn into the stove.  The two silver air vents should be un-screwed at least one turn to allow enough air for combustion.  The stove is a double-walled type with an air space between the inner firebox and the outer stove surfaces.  There is a fan on the back that can blow air through the gap blowing a lot of heat into the condo.  It is controlled by a motor-speed controller plugged into the wall. 

Cooking on the Stove:
The stove is a double-walled design so the fire does not contact the top of the stove on the inside.  This is a safe, efficient design, but it does not allow the top to get hot enough to actually cook.  It will get warm enought to warm foods in a pan if you want to heat something during a power outage.