Ward Peak is the top of the Alpine Bowl at 8600' elevation.  You can identify it by the antenna array.  It offers breathtaking views in every direction.


There are two approaches to this ridge.  Hike to Alpine Meadows and take the service road past the Chalet.

There is a fork in the service road.  If you take the left fork,  continue up the hill to the ridge.  At the ridge, continue straight to the back side of the ridge.  You will see Lake Tahoe and then the Lakeview lift.  On the back of the mountain, take the uphill fork in the road to the top of the Sherwood lift.  Look for a hiking trail the continues up along the ridge.  Some of the hiking will be cross country, but the ground is pretty barren and packed along the ridge.

If you take the right fork, you will traverse up the face of Alpine Bowl to the top of the Summit lift.  From there, hike cross-country along the ridge to Ward Peak.

You can make a loop by hiking across the ridge so that you come up the one route and down the other.  There are views of Lake Tahoe or the Alpine Bowl most of the time, so there is little risk of getting lost.

Distance and Difficulty

This is a long uphill hike.  Most of it is service roads so the  grade is not too steep and the footing is good.  But, it is a lot of elevation to gain (2300'), so it is a strenuous hike.  At a moderate pace, it will take about 4 hours.