Vikingsholm is a historic lodge at Emerald Bay.  It was built by Lora Josephine Knight as a summer home in 1929.  Designed by Swedish architecht Lennart Palme.  Knight was struck by the similarity between Emerald Bay and the Fjords of Norway.  She made a trip with Palme to Scandanavia seeking designs and features she could use in the design of this house.  Knight's property included Fanette Island and nearby Eagle Falls.  The property was sold to the state in 1953.  Tours of the house are open to visitors in the summer.  See for details.

Emerald Bay could be the most photographed feature on Lake Tahoe.  You can hike down to the shore on an access road.

Directions:  head into Tahoe City and turn right at the first major intersection in front of Savemart (West River Road).  It's about a 14 miles.