The Scott Peak hike accesses the top of the Scott chair lift offering views of the Truckee River Valley.


This peak is uphill from the condo, but not accessible going up the hillside.  Hike to Alpine Meadows and take the service road past the Chalet.  Continue up the hill to the ridge.  At the ridge, take the left fork of the road along the ridge to the top of the ski lift.  Past the lift are rock formations convenient to sit on and to enjoy the view.

Distance and Difficulty:

This hike is demanding because it is steady uphill.  The lower part is pretty shallow and the rest is moderate.  It is an unpaved fire road, so it is not too steep and the footing is mostly good.  Parts of it have small loose rocks that are challenging to hike on.  About 3 hours round-trip from the condo at a leisurely pace.