Lake Estelle is fed by snow melt, so the water level will depend on the time of year and the snow pack. It is like a hidden gem visibile from the ridge but hidden from below. You can swim in it in the summer. It's cool, but not very cold. You will likely have it to yourself.


Lake Estelle is located within Alpine Meadows Bowl. Follow the Kangaroo Lift to the top and look to your right. There is no sign for the trail head, but there may be a stacked-rock trail marker (cairn). You may need to look for the narrow trail.

Distance & Difficulty

It's about a 35 minute hike from the condo to the top of Kangaroo and about another 25 minutes to pick your way up the narrow trail. It is not hazardous, but the trail is also a creek during the run-off so the footing may be rough in spots.