Eagle Falls makes a short, steep loop with a lot of granite steps and views of the lake.  The most notable feature is a footbridge.
For a more demanding hike, you can continue on to Eagle Lake.  This requires a permit even for a day hike.  But I understand that few hikers bother to get a permit.


Eagle Falls is down the western shore of the lake.  Drive into Tahoe City and turn right at the first light in front of Savemart (West Lake Blvd).  It's about a 14 mile drive down to Emerald Bay.  Eagle Lakes is roughly across the road from Emerald Bay.  It's convenient to combine a trip to Eagle Falls with a stop at Emerald Bay and Vikingsholm.  There's a lot to see near the car for the less ambitious hikers.

Distance and Difficulty

The view of Eagle Falls and the loop trail is short but steep.  Much of it is granite steps.  The Eagle Lake trail continues uphill from the falls.  It's about a mile each way.  The lake is stunningly pretty.

Photo by Jonathan Fox