There is a trail that starts at the end of the condo parking lot.  It winds around the mountain with views of the Alpine Meadows Valley and then the Truckee River Valley.  It's a fun way to get out for a short hike.  It does not make a loop.  It's a scenic trail in mature trees with views.  Watch for bears on this slope.  They come for the grubs in the rotted tree trunks and probably the wild thimbleberries too.  There are a lot of thimbleberry plants near the starting point of the trail.  You'll probably find ripe berries in August and September.


The trail starts at the end of the parking lot.  Leaving the garage or the front door turn right.  Climb the berm at the end of the parking lot and you'll see the trail.

Distance and Difficulty
The trail appears to be an abandoned fire road, so it is relatively wide and gentle.  At the start, there is a fairly steady downhill section for maybe a half a mile.  After that, it is relatively level.

After crossing three streams the trail reaches a fork.  The downhill fork reaches Snow Crest Rd. which joins Alpine Meadows Rd. after about 2 blocks.  If you continue on Alpine Meadows Rd. you will reach the stables in about 1/4 mile.  The middle and upper forks wrap around the mountain toward Sherwood Lift.  It looks like the higher trails do not reach all the way around the mountain.  One of the lower trails ends on Ward Creek Rd. that connects Sherwood Lift to West Side Drive (89).