The mild summer days with bright sun make watersports appealing.  Enjoy the weather and the scenery from an unpowered watercraft.


Water sports are popular summer activities on the lake.

Rafting on the Truckee River is available when the weather and river level permit.  This is leisurely rafting on calm water from Tahoe City to the River Ranch Lodge at Alpine Meadows Rd.  The rafts launch in Tahoe City across Route 89 from the Savemart supermarket.  On a nice day, there will be a party at the end of the route at the River Ranch Lodge.
Truckee River Raft Company and the Truckee River Rafting Company have been providing rafting since the 70's.

Kayaks are available to rent to take out onto Lake Tahoe.  It's quite scenic and serene on a nice day.  You can take a picnic and stop on a rock formation in the lake near shore.  Tahoe City Kayak rents kayaks and paddleboards out of Tahoe City.  They also lead kayak tours on the lake.  The Tahoe Adventure Company also rents kayaks and leads tours.  Their office is in Truckee.

Pleasure boats can be rented: Obexers (Sunnyside) rents personal watercraft (Sea Doo) or Camp Richardson (South Shore) rents a variety of boats.

Water Skiing: High Sierra Water Ski School